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CHILDLINE 1098 Service » 1098 News » 16 year old Mumbai girl sexually abused at home

In 2007, the Ministry of Women and Child Development published a report on the alarming number of children being sexually abused in India. This report also stated that most children were abused by people whom they trusted the most, like family, friends etc. The story of Vidya is one such story. The home in which she grew up and the people whom she trusted abused her for 3 years before she sought justice.

Mumbai, Maharashtra: CHILDLINE Mumbai received a call from a special cell for women about a girl who had been abused. Little information was given which is why the team tried getting in touch with the special cell for women in order to help the girl child. A week later, CHILDLINE received a call again. The lady on the other side of the call informed CHILDLINE that a 16 year old girl called Vidya was being raped by her grandfather and she needed immediate assistance. The only way to get in touch with her was to meet her at Mount Mary church at 6 pm as she was in the area for tuitions.

The CHILDLINE team sprung into action instantly. They reached Mount Mary church and approached the girl with the intention of rescuing her. Knowing that help was on her side, Vidya opened up to the team member and narrated her entire story.

"I have lived all my life in Bandra, Mumbai with my grandparents. My mother died when I was very young and I don't know where my father is. Since 2008, my grandfather has been forcing me to have sexual intercourse with him. He beats me up too. I have tried to seek help from my mother's sister and grandmother who live with me but they have turned a blind eye. My mother's sister is mentally unstable and not in the condition to help me while my grandmother chooses not to do anything. My neighbours know there is something wrong with my family and they always make fun of me. I want to leave this place and go away! Please help me," she said and she scurried along to her home worried that her family would be suspicious.

The CHILDLINE team explained to Vidya that in order to seek justice she would have to narrate her story to the Police. CHILDLINE would be by her side at all times. Vidya agreed to meet the Police the next day after school. It was important that the case remain discrete for the safety of the girl.

The next day the CHILDLINE team met Vidya near the bus station at Mount Mary. She was accompanied by the team to the Bandra Police Station and she recounted her life in the past 3 years. At first the Police seemed skeptical of Vidya's story. It seems incomprehensible that a 70 year old grandfather of a young girl would ever commit such a crime. However, the CHILDLINE team stood adamant. Injustice had been done and regardless of the age of the accused, the criminal must be taken to task. As the Police continued to probe, it was found that Vidya's uncle (mother's sisters' husband) had also been abusing her! Ever since 2008, he has been forcing himself onto her.

Vidya was immediately sent to a gynecologist who made her undergo a few tests. The tests revealed that she was having habitual sex. The Police immediately filed an FIR against the accused. Both the grandfather and uncle denied any such allegations. After undergoing medical checkups, the grandfather and uncle were both found guilty.

Vidya's case was presented before the CWC that directed her to a safe home for children. Her trial took 16 months before she got justice. The CHILDLINE team continued to pay regular visits to Vidya to ensure her well being.

Both the accused were sentenced to prison. The grandfather and uncle were sentenced to 2 years and 7 years imprisonment respectively.