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 17 year old girl rescued from Sexual Abuse

CHILDLINE 1098 Service » 1098 News » 17 year old girl rescued from Sexual Abuse

It is a bitter reality we face today that Child Sexual Abuse is increasing in India. The most appalling truth in some instances is that such heinous crimes are sometimes committed by the one’s who are supposed to be guardians to these victims.

17 year old girl rescued from Sexual Abuse

Balurghat, West Bengal: Before leaving for Rajasthan to earn a better livelihood, Shilpi Ghosh’s parents kept her under the care of her grandfather, Nimay Ghosh whom she fondly called dadu, and his wife Laxmi Ghosh. Unaware of the consequences of this decision Shilpi’s parents trusted Nimay and Laxmi to care for their daughter as their own child. Shilpi too had no inkling of the danger that lay ahead.

Disgracefully, Nimay always had a secret desire to prey on young Shilpi, all of 17 years of age. He finally had the chance to have his way with the young and pretty Shilpi. In various parts of India, a wife is often submissive to her husband’s wishes. It held true in this case too. Nimay’s wife Laxmi saw nothing wrong in her husband’s desires and supported him in his evil intentions. Both grandparents wasted no time in brainwashing Shilpi that she should have sex with her dadu. Shocked with what Shilpi was asked to do by her own dadu, Shilpi strongly rejected to concede with their demands. However, the couple continued to force Shilpi to give in. After repeated refusals from Shilpi, Laxmi finally pushed her into Nimay’s room one night and locked the door from outside. Nimay raped Shilpi and threatened her not to narrate this incident to anyone or else she will be killed.

Blindsiding her husband’s behavior Laxmi left for her father’s house the next day, leaving Shilpi at the mercy of her grandfather. With just the two of them in the house Nimay kept Shilpi locked in the house whenever he went out. The girl had no way of getting out or informing anyone about her suffering. On returning home Nimay made her sleep on the floor in the same room as him and raped her again in the middle of the night. After 2 days of this torment, Shilpi bravely found a way to get out of the house without her grandfather’s knowledge.

Shilpi sought help from her aunt, Poli Ghosh and uncle, Swapan Ghosh and told them all the grief she was going through at the hands of her dadu. After hearing her story, the couple took Shilpi to their house that very instant. The next day she was taken to the Provati Mandal, Panchayat Prodhan to seek justice.

Being a minor, CHILDINE received a call to assist Shilpi. CHILDLINE reached the girl and an FIR was lodged against Nimay Ghosh. Shilpi was also sent for a careful medical examination after which she was taken to the Malda NIRAPAD Home with the help of the CWC. The case was advocated with the DLSA and the CWC for suitable direction. An FIR was also lodged at Balurghat. The District Sessions court in Dakshin Dinajpur convicted Nimay Ghosh with rigorous imprisonment for not less than ten years which can also be extended to life as well as a fine. Laxmi Ghosh has also been convicted for this crime.

Today, Shilpi is free from the torment she was put through by her own grandparents, however, instances like these are difficult to erase from a child’s memory.