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CHILDLINE 1098 Service » 1098 Events » 12th birth anniversary of CHILDLINE Kolkata

CHILDLINE Kolkata Celebrates 12th birth anniversary with pomp and gaiety. In attendance were Partha Roy, Member, Child Welfare Committee, Bipasha Roy, Member, Juvenile Justice Board, Sandeep Mitra, Head, ERRC, CIF.

"CHILDLINE can go a long way in arresting the crime rate in society and has largely worked as a prevention system but need to boost the awareness among the public. The corporate sector should come forward, as one of the stakeholders, in spreading the awareness," said Partha Roy, Member, Child Welfare Committee. The awareness should reach every section of the society, he added.

"CHILDLINE is a great support especially in dealing with the Juvenile Justice cases" said Bipasha Roy, Member, Juvenile Justice Board. CHILDLINE Kolkata was started on January 23, 1999 and after a decade it continues to provide help to the children in need of care and protection