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Short film on child trafficking by CHILDLINE

CHILDLINE 1098 Service » Online Videos » CHILDLINE Videos » Count On Us - A Film on Child Trafficking

Poonam is a simple young girl living in a small village in West Bengal. Poverty and deprivation are her everyday companions. One day lured by Pronob uncle’s call, she comes to the big city.In her heart, she hopes for a better life, enough to eat, decent clothes to waer and medicines for her ailing father. But soon enough she lands up in a brothel.

Back in the village, Poonam’s mother waits and waits for her daughter’s return. And when she can wait no more, she calls 1098 for help. CHILDLINE tracks down Poonam and with the help of Police rescues her from the brothel. CHILDLINE takes Poonam back to her mother and continues to remain in touch with Poonam.

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