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CHILDLINE 1098 Service » News » Child Rights Club members stop child marriage

The members of child rights club formed by CHILDLINE Davangere in a Government school in Chigateri village in Davangere district have prevented their fellow student from marrying at an adolescent age.

The Child Rights Club Members protest was not against any lack of infrastructure in the school, but designed to prevent the marriage of one of their schoolmates, Anjana a student of Class VI.

On February 27, 2011, the parents Anjana were all set to marry off their 12-year-old daughter to her uncle, Suresh of Byalal village in Hagaribommanahalli taluk. Anjana's classmates, who came to know about the proposal, brought it to the notice of the teachers, who refused to intervene, saying that it was a private matter.

The girl's maternal and paternal grandfathers had died almost at the same time last year. The residents of the village believe that auspicious ceremonies like marriages should be held within a year of the death of elders in the family, and such superstition persuaded Anjana's family to arrange for her marriage.

The arrangements for the marriage were apace, when Anjana informed her classmates of her family's plans. Shocked, her schoolmates decided to act. They set out in a procession to Anjana's house to demand that the marriage plan be dropped. They told Anjana's parents that child marriage was against the law.

The policemen accompanied the students to Anjana's home and persuaded her parents to cancel the marriage, letting them know that marriage of minors was a punishable offence. The implications of violation of the law and the pressure of the youngsters forced Anjana's parents to relent. Later, the officers of the Education Department visited the school and congratulated Anjana and her fellow students on their determination that successfully stopped a child marriage. They asked the students to be vigilant, continue to support Anjana, and prevent the occurrence of any such incidents that could affect short the education of girls.