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Giving Children Voice

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Members of Children's Parliament may be young, but they serve as the first line to present on children's issues and can influence the adults. Children's Parliament on Child Rights saw one of the biggest gatherings ever in the district. Organised by CHILDLINE Rourkela, three hundred students participated in the event.

The issues presented by children ranged from poor education, health facilities, education, health facilities and civic amenities, gender and caste discrimination. More than 300 children parliament members from Panposh sub-division participated in a Children's Parliament organised by CHILDLINE Rourkela at Gurudwara Hall from June 3-5, 2011

A 15-year-old girl who is a member in Children's Parliament, told, the questions from children are always spontaneous and honest. Children's Parliament discusses children issues in the presence of officials from government and other organisations. Conducting their session just as the grown-up members of Parliament do, the child parliamentarians allowed members to present their concerns to their adult counterparts and the general public. In the meetings, children discuss serious issues like child education, child trafficking, domestic violence, hunger, child labour, Nutritional food and more.

Giving Children Voice

"The children spoke and adults listened. There was proper documentation of the whole proceedings and issues referred to special committees for consideration. If only we elders lend the children our ears and let them speak out fearlessly and freely this world will be a much safer and peaceful place to live in." said A K Azad, Director, CHILDLINE Rourkela.

Children's Parliament had a clear message: Every child has a right to live without experiencing prejudice, exclusion, and discrimination. The Children's parliament has provided the children with an excellent platform to raise their voices, and project their concerns. After all who can understand the problems faced by the children better than themselves?, who can advocate their problems better than themselves? !! Their Own chosen representatives. "