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NICP Workshop with Police - 2007

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NICP Workshop with City Police,Mumbai

A workshop for the Mumbai City Police was organised by Mumbai CHILDLINE on the 18 th and 22 nd May 2007 at the Police Club, Azad Maidan. Officers designated as Child Welfare Officers from the 84 police stations in Mumbai participated in this workshop. NICP Workshop with Police - 2007

Talking about Mumbai CHILDLINE, Ms. Kavita Mohite, Mumbai CHILDLINE explained that it is a 24-hour toll free phone emergency outreach service for children in need of care and protection. This service operates on the number 1098. This project is supported by the Ministry of Women and Child Development. It is a partnership between government organizations and NGOs and has its presence in 73 cities in India .

Mumbai CHILDLINE receives 30,000 to 40,000 calls per month. A large number of children and concerned adults call CHILDLINE for help and assistance. CHILDLINE call centres are located in three areas of Mumbai- Ghatkopar, Andheri and Nair Hospital . While handling cases, the CHILDLINE team often needs help and support of the city police. It therefore becomes necessary for CHILDLINE and the police to work together in close coordination with each other. The objective of this workshop was to create a child friendly environment for the children and to get acquainted with the laws and acts that exist for the protection of children.

This workshop was conducted under the auspices of the NICP (National Initiative for Child Protection), a project of the NISD (National Institute of Social Defence). NICP Workshop with Police - 2007

The Joint Commissioner of Police Ms. Meera Borwankar attended the workshop on both days. She conducted an interactive session on the second day with the participants during whom she discussed the number of cases in which they had used sections from the J.J Act 2000 and also asked the NGOs about their experiences with the police while dealing with children's cases. CHILDLINE also received immense support from the DCP, Law and Enforcement, Mr. Sanjay Mohite, ACP, Ms. Sushila Shetty and the entire JAPU staff.

NICP Workshop with Police - 2007 The sessions at the workshop on both days were conducted by Mr. Patil and Mr. Ranpise, the Chief Public Prosecutors respectively, Ms.Shaila Mhatre, Chairperson, CWC, Dongri, Mr. Gorad, Superintendent, Children's Home, Dongri, NGO representatives Mr. Ashish Damle, CHILDLINE India Foundation, Mr. Santosh Dhamale, Mumbai CHILDLINE and Mr. Mansoor Kadri, Saathi.

There were group discussions on myths regarding street children, child sexual abuse and child labour after which a CWO made presentations from every group. CWOs also made an action plan on how they would implement the inputs shared in the NICP Workshop with Police - 2007workshop back home, which included being more sensitive to children and children's issues, adopting a rights based rather than a needs based approach and adhering to guidelines set in the J.J Act with regard to detention of children in police stations, dress code of the police officers while handling children's cases, dissemination of information on a regular basis on children's issues etc.