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CHILDLINE Bangalore received a call from a concerned adult who informed that he had found a young girl near Bannerghatta Road in her school uniform. CHILDLINE team visited the spot and found Maitri, a ten year old girl aimlessly roaming the streets near Bannerghatta in Bangalore, suspected to be a victim of corporal punishment.

Maitri, a Class V student of Government Primary School in Bannerghatta was accused of stealing `a hundred rupee note from the teacher's purse'. The incident left the child covering fearful, and she could not muster enough courage to tell her parents about the experience. Instead, every morning Maitri would leave her home as usual and pretend that everything was normal, and that she was attending school. She also made it a point to return home around the same time she would usually return from school.

Maitri was taken to the CHILDLINE office and was counseled. During the counseling, the child informed CHILDLINE team member that she had not been attending school for several days, after her teacher had beaten her up severely."I am scared to go back to the school, terrified of having to face my teacher," said little Maitri to CHILDLINE team. She also told the team that she did not steal the money and scared to go back to the school. Meanwhile, CHILDLINE wrote to the Chairperson of Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (KSCPCR), seeking intervention to investigate the matter.

CHILDLINE provided necessary support and care to Maitri. After a short interaction with Maitri, the team could identify the address of the child. CHILDLINE team visited Maitri's home and after being informed by CHILDLINE, Maitri's grandmother, Maluamma, visited the CHILDLINE office and took the child home.Maluamma expressed shock and anguish over the incident. The team also counseled child's parents on the issue.