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Bal Mela, organized by MWCD and CSWB, on 14th Nov'06

On the occasion of Children's day, Bal Mela was organized by the Ministry of Women and child development, and C.S.W.B (Central social welfare board) Government of India from 14th-19th Nov'06. Although every year, the ministry organizes some event on this day but the year 2006 was certainly different as it included women and also stretched for more than a day. The total budget of the government was more than Rs.13 crores for the event.

CHILDLINE India Foundation - Bal-Mela The inauguration was organized at Vigyan Bhavan, marked by rewarding extraordinary children who did exemplary work in any specific field. This was followed by a speech from none other than our respected Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh. Then the Mela started at Talkatora Grounds with stalls from big groups of women's organizations, and few children's organizations mostly from Delhi. Undoubtedly CHILDLINE India Foundation had the greatest presence because of the colourful banners, posters and other awareness materials as well as the CHILDLINE song which attracted everyone especially children. We had also organized a puppet show on the CHILDLINE song which delighted children who would spend hours watching and learning the number 1098.

There were many important visitors at our stall throughout the event including the Minister, Ms. Renuka Chowdhury, the Secretary, Joint Secretary, and the Director, MWCD who were all extremely thrilled at our performance. A senior reporter from the New York Times, who was briefed about CHILDLINE spent around an hour at our stall and said that he could get us all kind of support from their network worldwide. People came forward to lend their support including the CSWB who even proposed their crèche schemes to CHILDLINE. Most importantly, there were children not only from public and private schools but also the government and NGO run shelters in Delhi. Among them, there were few children who were rescued from abuse by CHILDLINE few years back and transferred to the government shelter. In fact during this period, children who got lost on three occasions were reported to our stall and restored back to their respective families.

For the government CHILDLINE stall was a matter of pride and we left no stones unturned to project the same. Last but not the least it was a great opportunity for awareness generation not only among both the private and government servants but also people from different states who came to participate. We left a long lasting impact on everyone!