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 An afternoon with Vodafone employees

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 An afternoon with Vodafone employees

CHILDLINE India Foundation organised a special programme with Vodafone employees who spent an afternoon with underprivileged children.

Mumbai, Maharashtra : The hot sunny March afternoon began with a casual tete-a-tete with young girls living in red light districts around Mumbai Central. The Vodafone employees broke the ice by asking the girls their names, their hobbies and what skill they learnt at their shelter home.

In a span on 10 minutes, 40 little girls came trotting along in their school uniforms and pigtails. These girls had less inhibitions than the older lot. They were ecstatic and curious to see new faces and immediately took to the Vodafone volunteers. The event gained momentum when a Vodafone volunteer began engaging the children with his innovative games. They squealed, laughed, clapped and participated in all that was proposed to them.

Footprints With Vodafone

The interaction ranged from dance, drama and games with almost every child present in the room.

Footprints With Vodafone

The girls ensured that the CHILDLINE and Vodafone volunteers participate in their activities. The girls' exuberant confidence and talent brought a smile on the faces of the volunteers. After a grueling session of entertainment, the volunteers distributed goodie bags and chocolates among the children. What began as a casual gathering of volunteers and young girls ended in a fun-filled experience for both; memories of which will last for years to come.

Footprints With Vodafone