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CHILDLINE Outreach at Dharavi on 8th June 2007

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Outreach at Dharavi on 8th June 2007

"The international Deloitte Group takes its Social Responsibility"

The international Deloitte Group takes its Social Responsibility role seriously and dedicates one day every year as a Social Impact DayCHILDLINE Outreach at Dharavi on 8th June 2007 . On that day all Deloitte employees get on the field, join hands with NGOs and commit time and energy to the community. Dus Nau Aath was the song on every child's lips in the Dharavi community, at the end of the day, when CIF and Mumbai CHILDLINE staff left the Dharavi locality on 8th June, after conducting a whole day outreach and awareness event. CIF, Mumbai CHILDLINE and the Deloitte group joined hands on this day to spread awareness about CHILDLINE as well a HIV/Aids on Deloitte's Annual Impact Day, on 8 th June 2007.

CHILDLINE Outreach at Dharavi on 8th June 2007 All the volunteers submerged into the Dharavi area, performing street plays and puppet shows at different localities and reaching out to various people and children in the community. Through skits Mumbai CHILDLINE team told the story of four friends who were street children and the difficulties they faced living on the streets. These children enacted the problems they face with local dadas, with the police and with harsh employers. A CHILDLINE Didi comes to the rescue of the street child in the end freeing him from his employer.

The puppet show performed by CIF staff was loved the most by the children. With attractive puppets, CCHILDLINE Outreach at Dharavi on 8th June 2007 IF staff told the story of two friends Bantu and Raju, their dog Tingu and CHILDLINE Didi. All the characters danced and sang to the tunes of 1098, and told the children that any child or concerned adult could call 1098 in case of missing or abused children, children in need of medical assistance or in need of care and protection as well as any child suffering from HIV/Aids.

After using innovative techniques of reaching out to the public, CIF, Mumbai CHILDLINE and the Deloitte CHILDLINE Outreach at Dharavi on 8th June 2007 volunteers spread out in different areas of Dharavi and gave information about CHILDLINE to children, families, shops, and the general public. Several people walked up the CHILDLINE Kiosk asking about what CHILDLINE was and collected flyers.

The Deloitte team watched in amazement the immediate impact outreach can have at the grass-root level, an experience they had never had before. The day ended with a grand felicitation ceremony at the Deloitte Office. It was definitely a memorable day for the CIF and Mumbai CHILDLINE team, with children coming forth to say that they would dial 1098 in case they faced any difficulty ever.