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Extensive Advocacy Initiatives in RAJASTHAN in May 2008


1. ADM Alwar agreed to paste the CHILDLINE web page link in the Alwar district website. Check it out - .

2. CHILDLINE Alwar met with the District Transport Officer who permitted CHILDLINE to stick CHILDLINE stickers on vehicles which came in for registration.

3. GM Roadways Alwar, appointed as a nodal officer for CHILDLINE permitted CHILDLINE Alwar to stick stickers on roadways buses and agreed to announce CHILDLINE messages twice a day. CHILDLINE hoardings will also be allowed in the premises of Alwar bus stand.

4. CHILDLINE Alwar, met the Managers of the Water and the Electricity department and both agreed to print CHILDLINE message on the bills.

5. The Zonal Customer Service Manager, Mr. Narendra Sing Shekhawat, agreed to sponsor CHILDLINE programmes with other corporates in the district as well as circulate CHILDLINE messages free to subscribers.


CHILDLINE Udaipur organized a training programme with the Special Juvenile Police Unit in coordination with CIF on 6th of May. The programme was inaugurated by I.G Udaipur range. It was reported in two leading newspapers of Rajasthan and broadcasted on All India Radio Udaipur. Topics covered ? purpose of training ?

Mr. Abhishekh Sharma Station Head, BIG 92.7, Mr. S.A Wasay (Programme Executive) All India Radio Udaipur Range, and the Head of F.M. Tradka along with both Coordinators of Udaipur agreed to broadcast the CHILDLINE message regularly and promised to send their D.J whenever CHILDLINE arranges any special programmes, to cover the programme live and broadcast it through AIR.