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TATA AIG spreads smiles at the YMCA

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TATA AIG spreads smiles at the YMCA

CHILDLINE India Foundation » CIF Events » TATA AIG spreads smiles at the YMCA

The TATA AIG Employee engagement event was held on 28th March 2015 at the YMCA Boys Home in Andheri. 15 volunteers from TATA AIG, 60 children and staff from the boys home were present for this exuberant event.

The program began with a few exciting games and a song session which helped to break the ice between the children and the TATA AIG employees. All the children were overjoyed with these sessions and they joined in the activities whole-heartedly. Later the children introduced themselves to the TATA AIG volunteers and mingled with them well.

TATA AIG spreads smiles at the YMCA

A drawing competition was organized for the children who participated with a lot of enthusiasm and fervor. The volunteers distributed drawing material among the excited children. The boys in the shelter home did not hold back on their creativity as each of them presented some marvelous drawings and paintings one after the other.

Soon after the drawing session the children showcased their other talents through poetry recital, solo dance and singing. They were all very spontaneous and full of life. The volunteers had an amazing time talking to the children and spending the day with them. The closing session had exchanging of ideas and sharing of experiences between the boys at the shelter home and the volunteers.

TATA AIG spreads smiles at the YMCA

The head of Resource Mobilization at CHILDLINE India Foundation, Mr. P.J Varghese encouraged the children and appreciated their creativity in expressing themselves. The representative from among the volunteers, Mr. Sanket Harchekar thanked CHILDLINE India Foundation and YMCA Boy’s Home for providing them with an opportunity to spend their time with the children at the home.

CHILDLINE T-shirts were gifted as mementos to each child by Mr. P. J Varghese and the TATA AIG volunteers presented sports material to the Boys Home as a token of their regard towards them. The event was concluded by thanks giving by the caretaker of the Boys Home.

TATA AIG spreads smiles at the YMCA

Spending the day with the confident and vivacious children at the shelter home brightened up the volunteers and gave them a sense of contentment. On the contrary, the children were delighted to have spent a fun day with the volunteers and make friends with them. On the whole, this engagement event was a memorable one for all and we are certain that this day will be remembered fondly by the participants.