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Anchorage Orphanage Case

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CHILD Protection & Rights » Anchorage Case History » Justice Delivered- What they said

"Children are the greatest gift to humanity. Sexual abuse of children is one of the most heinous crimes. It is an appalling violation of their trust, an ugly breach of our commitment to protect the innocent." - Justice P Sathasivam and Justice B S Chauhan, Supreme Court Bench

"It was too little, too late. 'We are certainly happy that the guilty have been punished. But the children are no more children now. They have lost precious years of their childhood." - Ms. Kajol Menon, Executive Director, CIF.

"While it is been a long, hard journey, we are extremely happy with the landmark judgement. It sends out a message that you can't come to India and abuse kids. The timing of judgement is significant as the Cabinet has passed the Sexual Offences against Children Bill." - Ms. Nicole Menezes, Deputy Director, CIF.

"We are very happy that the Supreme Court (SC) recognised that a child's statement that he was sexually abused is enough and does not require corroboration," - Nishit Kumar, Head, Communication & Strategic Initiatives, CIF.

I am very happy that Supreme Court took this stand sgainst Duncan Grant and Allan Waters, More than anything else, it is vindication of the children who had courageously spoken out against the abuse and the perpetrators and it sends out a signal loud and clear to all pedophiles that there will be zero tolerance if anything like this happens in India. - Ms. Maharukh Adenwala, Amicus Curiae (friend of the court) to CIF.