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Frequently asked questions (FAQs) - Volunteering for CHILDLINE

CHILDLINE India Foundation » Frequently asked questions (FAQs) - Volunteering for CHILDLINE

Find out all about volunteering opportunities at CHILDLINE with answers to your most frequently asked questions about volunteering at CHILDLINE.

How do I sign up to volunteer for CHILDLINE?

We have got several volunteer opportunities with CHILDLINEs across the country. Click on Volunteer Application form button. This will take you to a web form page. Complete each field and then click “Submit’ button. You will receive an acknowledgment email from CHILDLINE. Post this; we will contact you with details of the selection process. If you would like to volunteer for CHILDLINE Network, CHILDLINE India Foundation or CIFs Child Sexual Abuse Awareness programme (CSAAP), in Mumbai you can find out more on the CIFs or CSAAP volunteering page.


CHILDLINE 1098 is a 24x7, emergency, free phone outreach service linking children in need of care and protection Children or concerned adults dial the number 1098 and are connected to the CHILDLINE service in their city. The 1098 service is available across India from all Phone service providers. Read more in the CHILDLINE 1098 section

What really happens when one sign up to volunteer?

When you register to volunteer and complete the application form online, we will use the information you have provided to find out the opportunity suitable for the role, and the volunteering opportunity meets your needs and interests with CHILDLINE.

Why to volunteer for CHILDLINE?

Volunteering at CHILDLINE will make a difference in the lives of children in need of care and protection in the country where individuals from different backgrounds, skills and experiences can volunteer for various programmes, projects and campaigns.

Will there be any cost for me to volunteer?

No any such cost other than your personal expenses. Volunteers contribute their time and expertise. Expenses incurred on projects may be reimbursable by CHILDLINE if required and won’t cover accommodation costs, or any other expenses etc which needs to manage by you.

Who can register as CHILDLINE Volunteer?

Individuals from different backgrounds and skills can volunteer with CHILDLINE for various programmes, projects and campaigns of CHILDLINEs across the country. Any individual who wish to volunteer with us during their free time can register with us as a volunteer.

How can I register as CHILDLINE Volunteer?

To register as a CHILDLINE India volunteer you can fill in the respective forms in the sections. This helps us to know more about you, to ensure that you are suitable for the role, and the volunteering opportunity meets your needs and interests.

When can I start?

Fill in your details on volunteer application form, we will contact you as when requirement arises.

What is the minimum or maximum age mandate for volunteering at CHILDLINE?

In general, volunteer must be 18 or over to participate independently on a program. There is no maximum age limit for volunteers.

Will there be any further obligations as a part of volunteering with CHILDLINE?

At the end of volunteering, you need to complete a report. And we always appreciate volunteer efforts to spread the word about CHILDLINE among your family and friends.

Can I make a donation to support CHILDLINE?

Through your support we can reach out to more number of children in distress across the country. You are entitled to a Tax Benefit (Tax Exemption applicable for Indian Citizens only) of Rs 2000 and above are eligible for 100% tax relief under 35 AC (PAN Card Number required), and donations below 2000 will be eligible for 50% tax benefit under 80 G. To donate, visit Donation page on our website.

Can I volunteer for CHILDLINE overseas?

CHILDLINE works in India and we do not have any volunteering opportunity overseas.

Do my specific skills and experience useful for CHILDLINE?

Individuals from diverse backgrounds, skills and experiences our volunteers bring to their roles at CHILDLINE. Each CHILDLINE has opportunities available according to the requirements at various programmes, projects and campaigns.

In which States/Cities/ Towns does CHILDLINE offer volunteering positions?

CHILDLINE currently operates in over 291 cities/towns/districts in 31 States/UTs through its unique social-franchise network of over 540 partner organisations across India. You can find the list of CHLDLINE locations on our website. Volunteering opportunities are posted on our volunteer section from time to time.

Do I need to be an Indian Citizen to volunteer at CHILDLINE?

All are welcome. Even many of our volunteers come from all over the world. However, for international Volunteers a number of processes may be required. We don’t provide any guarantees to the Police for international volunteers. Visa requirements currently restrict international volunteers.

Where are the volunteering opportunities with CHILDLINE based at?

Volunteering opportunities can be available in CIFs Head office in Worli, Mumbai, at any of CIFs Regional Offices or in any of CHILDLINE network partner’s offices across the country. Look for the latest opportunities in the respective section.

Does CHILDLINE offer financial support to volunteers?

Volunteers are not paid honorariums however expenses incurred on projects may be reimbursable. Volunteers who complete a specific project would be entitled to a certificate of participation. Beyond this, we are not able to offer volunteers any additional financial support. However, we try to offer flexible volunteering hours, to fit with other commitments you may have. We cannot cover accommodation costs, or any other expenses etc.

I work full time but still can I volunteer with CHILDLINE?

We prefer full time volunteers as a volunteering generally needs to be done during normal office hours however there are at times opportunities for evening/ assignment basis/weekend work depends on the requirement arises.

When does CHILDLINE recruit for volunteers?

CHILDLINE recruits for volunteers throughout the year, wherever there is a requirement.

How do I contact the Volunteer team of CHILDLINE?

If you have any further questions about volunteering with CHILDLINE, please email us at

What volunteering opportunities do CHILDLINE offer for students?

Students studying any course (e.g. Social work, Media, Communication, Management, Law can volunteer with CHILDLINE and the it can complement their course and provides them with valuable work skills along with their studies.

Do I need to have any additional language skills for volunteering?

Foreign language skills are not required. Local language requirements which do vary from one city to another or a location and depend on the type of project you are participating on.

If you have a question that is not answered here, please don’t hesitate to write to us at