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" It has been a great learning experience, be it on how to work with an organization, our notions about street children, or the whole atmosphere of working with people, whom otherwise, we are not concerned about. The children, whom we met at Mumbai Central station regularly, really opened our eyes to what kind of lives they lead. While most of us have been numb to seeing such street children everyday, they helped us in building the soul of the film. They had their own set of unique problems but loved the freedom of being on the streets, and were quite content with the families they built on the streets with their friends. The fact remains that they are vulnerable and although they develop a self-security system, the threats that they face are much larger. We, as a society have to be aware of these threats and help them fight against it, and support organizations like CHILDLINE. Our documentary, Dus Nau Aath, Karlo Baat, is a way of showing our support and concern.

The volunteers of CHILDLINE were inspiring with the kind of work they do - working with these children daily, building a rapport and understanding them. We realized that it is a very tough and enduring task. Continuous interactions with them helped us bring these aspects into the movie as well.

1098, the number has given us everlasting memories and where ever we go we are sure to promote this, uphold childrens' rights and work towards building a better world for them."

Dakshina T (Asst. director) on behalf of the group.